Carwash and Storage Units

Bibler Company also owns and operates a car wash facility and storage units in Chadwick, IL.  

The car wash is a self-serve business that is available 24/7.  There is a fully functioning pressure washer and scrub brush.  Clean the interior of your car for a small fee with the outdoor vacuum. ArmorAll wipes are also available for purchase.  

Bibler Company Storage Units are a another amenity that we offer.  The Storage Units are located directly beside the car wash.  We have twenty four units available to rent for a monthly fee.  We ask for an initial deposit before you move into the unit and then a payment every month of use.  The storage units come in a variety of sizes.  There are 5'x5' units, 8'x10' units and 10'x20' units.

To ask about the availability of Bibler Company Storage Units, please call (815) 825-6002 extension 105.


7 Calvert Ave, Chadwick IL 61014